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mRCCThe treatment landscape for patients with mRCC has undergone transformation over the last few years. Systemic anti-cancer drug therapy was once typically limited to monotherapy of either a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) or an mTOR inhibitor. Now*, the predominant and recommended first line regimens are combination therapies, often comprising a TKI and anti-PD1/PD-L1 IO agent.

Although the approval of new therapies have expanded treatment options, mRCC still remains incurable with significant opportunities and unmet patient needs still remaining.

Capitalizing on our expertise in the mRCC market and as pioneers of syndicated patient chart audits, AplusA presents mRCCsyndiTrackTM, our syndicated study using real world data to monitor the evolution of the management of patients with mRCC.

*as of June 2021

Example of recent releases:
  • August 2021:
    • Data available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK
    • 746 Oncologists and Urologists
    • 1,877 real-world mRCC patient charts

More information about our mRCC syndicated study?

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