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HEMOPHILIAAs a leading healthcare market research agency, APLUSA has extensive experience researching diseases within hematology and hemato-oncology.

Hemophilia management is evolving as several new therapies for the treatment of both Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B are being launched or studied in clinical trials. Capitalizing on our unique expertise in patient chart-based research, the results from each wave of this study are based on real-world data and monitor the impact of the new treatments for Hemophilia management including EHL and Gene Therapies. The latest wave of this study was conducted in 2022 (7th wave being syndicated since 2015).

This study is designed to quantitatively track the evolution of Hemophilia market annually, including opinion-based questions and detailed patient record forms (PRFs).
  • National representative samples of HA and HB patients
  • Product shares and Therapy evolution
  • Satisfaction and perceived brand performance,
  • and much more...
  • Latest data collected from March 2022
  • conducted in FR, DE, IT, ES, UK (Hemophilia A & B) 
  • 135 Hematologists
  • 1,075 detailed real-world patient charts  = 554 for HA and 521 for HB.
  • Back data available for the USA, EU5, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands.

More information about HEMOPHILIAsyndiTrackTM our syndicated study? Fill in the form to see a 2-page helicopter view of HEMOPHILIAsyndiTrack with more details on the data collection and a few examples of outputs. 👉

You can also download our Hemophilia A&B eBook presenting some examples taken from our 2020 syndicated research:

Mockup Ebook AplusA Hemophilia 2020 EN

Go further with the data and discover an example of a Digital & Interactive Dashboard (DID) created by APLUSA

We take here the example of a patient share tracker in Cancer X syndiTrackTM.
The dashboard is built around 6 variables: the country, the treatment start date, the treatment line, the product or regimen, risk factors and market share.

In total, there are many advantages of using this DID:
- your data is available online and can be easily shared within your organization,
- you can create your own views instead of manipulating a large number of powerpoint slides,
- you always have the latest data available, no update problems,
- the data is available on your dashboard much earlier in the data collection,
- the report will be more focused on key insights and storytelling than on data production.

👇 Test our live demo here! 👇