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Advances in the understanding of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) cell biology in recent years have unleashed a wave of new product development and treatment options available to patients.

This market evolution will continue to accelerate, with dozens of Phase 3 trials in progress addressing both adult and childhood AML treatment needs.

Capitalizing on our unique expertise in the AML market and in patient chart-based research, AMLsyndiTrackTM, our AML syndicated study uses real-world data to monitor the evolution of AML management.

Example of recent release:
  • Data from Jan21 in FR, UK, DE, ES, IT, BE, CH, AT, CA
  • 398 Onco-Hematologists
  • 2,773 real-world patient charts analyzed

More information about the AML syndicated study?

  • Objectives
  • Benefits
  • Samples
  • Scope
  • Types of data collected
  • Dates of research waves

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