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Did you miss our first episode of DoctoLIVE which took place on Thursday 22nd July, 2021? You can now fill in the form to get access to the recording!

Our AplusA Bell Falla expert, Dr. Karen HIGGINBOTTOM and Dr. AKHIL, an American hemato-oncologist, were discussing how patients are considered for referral, patient eligibility to receive CAR-T therapy, barriers to treatment, unmet needs and much more.

Dr. AKHIL is a CAR-T cell referrer in the USA. With the US being among the first to offer CAR-T cell treatment, we get insight into a market with the longest history in this field.

Examples of questions addressed:

  • What characteristics would a patient have (or not have) for you to consider them to be a good candidate for referral to the ATC?
  • What age do you use for cut off for referral to the ATC?
  • When do you first start talking to your patients about CAR-T therapy?
  • Are many of your patients already aware of CAR-T therapy as an option?
  • When you refer patients to the ATC what proportion of patients does the ATC consider eligible for CAR-T therapy?
  • For patients not accepted by the ATC due to clinical reasons - what are those reasons?
  • Have there been any other reasons that the ATC have declined a patient for CAR-T therapy?
  • What prior therapies would exclude a patient for CAR-T therapy? What about patients previously treated with anti-CD19 Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)?
  • Does that mean that you’re saving some therapies for use in later lines of therapy?
  • Typically, how long is it from when you refer a patient to the ATC until they undergo leukapheresis?
  • Is their disease controlled in any way during this time? How is it decided on who administers a bridging therapy?
  • What about CAR-T therapy for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma? Do you think this will be the same or similar for your patients with MM compared to those with DLBCL?

What is DoctoLIVE?
DoctoLIVE is your window to real-world challenges in real-life healthcare practice, from an actual healthcare practioner's perspective.
DoctoLIVE offers you a 15-minute open-mic discussion featuring a different HCP every session, answering your questions related to real-life treatment experiences, all organized by AplusA. These discussions will be held in English.
We will cover how to implement new therapeutics in actual practice, uncover pain points and discuss areas for improvement.

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