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It’s time to gain a significant advantage over your competitors by listening to patient needs and experiences first-hand. Our syndicated DLBCL study transforms social media intelligence into competitive intelligence for you.

This syndicated report guides you along the DLBCL patient journey through first-hand, unguarded, patient testimonies on social media. Discover the experiences of patients living with this cancer and detect better ways to meet patient needs.

Based on a selection from over 22,000 social media posts from DLBCL patients in the US, the study serves to illustrate the experiences of cancer patients and features:

  • Innovative approach using the latest social media intelligence technology 
  • In-depth qualitative analysis of social media post

Take a first look at several pages taken from the 90-page report:

Use the insights gained from this social media intelligence qualitative report to: 
  • Identify touchpoints to be leveraged in campaign materials 
  • Collate language to develop campaigns that resonate with patients 
  • Develop disease awareness campaigns 
  • Provide insights into the development of a compound or service 
  • Implement in positioning work 
  • Support brand planning at any stage 
  • Add the emotional component to patient segmentations / typologies 
  • Assist marketing roadmap design 

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Did you know?

  • "War” is in the top 5 images evoked by patients discussing DLBCL 
  • Patients frequently refer to themselves as feeling passive in the treatment process 
  • Patients express both hopes and fears treating to new treatments including CAR-T cell therapies

The report is ready to purchase immediately. Request your copy via the button below to discover:

  • Why patients call this a battle 
  • What patients say about Car-T 
  • How to talk the language of patients 

Exclusive offer: 9,500 $ 


  • Complete 90-page report 
  • Private access to a 1 hour recorded video lecture of the report 
  • 1-hour live presentation and discussion with our experts 
  • Optional additional analysis on specific request with our social media and qualitative analysis experts 

This report is available immediately. You can request to purchase a copy of the report via the button below. 

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