COVID-19 Road to Recovery Syndicated Study

Results from this qualitative study conducted in July 2020 available now. 

Gain a competitive edge in the COVID-19 market with an in-depth understanding of adult patients who have either returned to health after fighting off coronavirus or who are currently recovering from coronavirus.

This syndicated qualitative study conducted in July 2020 across the US, EU5, S. Korea and China illustrates the experiences of COVID-19 patients and features:

  • First-hand, unguarded insights into COVID-19 patient journeys to “hell and back

  • In-depth qualitative analysis of patient journeys - from initial symptoms to finding the road to recovery

About the study

As the global number of infected cases surpasses 23 million (24.08.20), there is a non-stop stream of figures and rolling national and international news updates on the pandemic. Behind the scenes, the race to find an effective treatment and/or a vaccine has begun.

Behind the numbers are personal stories. This syndicated study, including an executive summary and comprehensive report, will analyse the personal accounts of those who have battled with the disease.

The research is designed to enable you to cut through the noise. It provides structure to an erratic patient journey and offers a clear overview of the current situation through first-hand patient accounts.

The qualitative insights from the study will enable you to:

  • Identify touch-points to be leveraged in campaign materials 

  • Collate language to develop campaigns that resonate with patients and healthcare professionals

  • Support brand planning at any stage

  • Provide insights into the development of a compound or service 

  • Improve positioning

  • Support brand planning at any stage 

  • Tailor the emotional component by types of patients

  • Be at the forefront of marketing roadmap design

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