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As a leading healthcare market research agency, APLUSA has extensive experience researching diseases within hematology.

Mockup Ebook AplusA Hemophilia 2020 EN

Hemophilia: Both hemophilia A and B are rare bleeding disorders defined by low-levels of blood-clotting factors, i.e., factor VIII and factor IX, respectively. Individuals with Hemophilia (“Hemophiliacs”) bleed longer and more often than unaffected individuals. Hemophilia bleeding tendency depends upon the extent or degree of FVIII or FIX deficiency, which determines their disease classification as mild, moderate, or severe.

This eBook, based on 2020 data from our syndicated research, includes the following points:

  • Disease Management: How do hematologists treat hemophilia? The switching between prophylaxis and on-demand treatment. Extended vs. standard half-life recombinants.
  • Hemophilia Products: What products can hematologists choose from to treat hemophilia? Is there a difference among recombinants?
  • Product Performance: Patient shares of leading hemophilia products and classes. Product switching. Awareness of developmental therapies.
  • Treatment Considerations:  What attributes governed hematologists choice? How do hematologists treat inhibitor patients?
  • Wrap-up

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