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Healthcare market research is working in an increasingly global and competitive context.

As a leading healthcare market research agency, AplusA has extensive experience researching diseases within hemato-oncology.

This eBook shares insights from our US and top-5 European Union (EU5) syndicated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) market tracker.

The eBook provides a comprehensive market overview for marketers or market researchers working in this area. It includes:

DLBCL market overview

    • What regimens do hem/ons use to treat DLBCL?

    • Are any brands used off-label to treat the disease?

    • What companies market each brand?

    • Are generic or biosimilars available?

    • Where is usage increasing?

    • How aware are hem/oncs of various brands?

Treatment performance

    • What attributes govern choice?
    • What are the current barand and regimen shares in each line of therapy?

    • Are SCT or radiation important?

    • Are there treatment differences in SCT-eligible vs ineligible patients?

    • Is DLBCL maintenance therapy common?

    • How are regimens sequenced?

    • Are there common treatment durations?

Patient insights

    • Are there DLBCL variants
    • What is profile of DLBCL patients by line of therapy?
    • When were patients diagnosed?
    • How many were refactory?
    • How does the profile of SCT eligible vs ineligible patients differ?


PLUS patient journey insights from our additional social media intelligence research

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