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How does COVID-19 affect the HCPs' relationships with patients and with the pharmaceutical industry? The results of the 2nd phase of our syndicated Covid-19 impact study are available this month for the French market

Understand the past and expected evolutions of the remote mode for patient consultations, medical and sales reps promotionor attending medical conferences or local meetings, all analyzed among various specialties: General Practitioners, Oncologists, Onco-hematologists, Hematologists, Psychiatrists, Urologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, Pneumologists, Rheumatologists.

Source: example of result from AplusA syndicated study Impact of Covid-19 on medical practices in Franceexcerpt from a national representative sample of onco-hematologists surveyed in Oct-November and previously May-June 2020. Other data and specialties available. 

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The results of both phases are available from a large panel of specialties interviewed in France in spring and again this fall (General practitioners, Oncologists, Onco-hematologistsHematologists, Psychiatrists, Urologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, Pneumologists, Rheumatologists, ...). 

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