Your window to real-world challenges in actual healthcare practice, from an actual healthcare practioner's’ perspective.


Why DoctoLIVE? 15 minutes of an HCP’s time booked by AplusA to answer your practical questions, live.

DoctoLIVE is your window to real-world challenges in real-life healthcare practice, from an actual healthcare practioner's perspective.

DoctoLIVE offers you a 15-minute open discussion featuring a different HCP every session, answering your questions related to real-life treatment experiences. These discussions will be held in English.

We will cover how to implement new therapeutics in actual practice, uncover pain points and discuss areas for improvement.


“Amazed how much you can cover in 15 minutes…. Some really nice insights” 
Associate Director of Business Insights and Analytics at one of the Top 10 biopharmaceutical companies


SERIES 1: Logistics of CAR-T cell therapy in real-world practice

In Series 1, we were questioning the logistics of this revolutionary technology in cancer treatment.

Hear 5 different perspectives, with both local specificities and global commonalities. Each session provided interesting insights in 4 different countries: USA, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. 

Teaser DoctoLIVE EP1 US

Our AplusA Bell Falla expert, Dr. Karen HIGGINBOTTOM and Dr. AKHIL, an American hemato-oncologist, were discussing how patients are considered for referral, patient eligibility to receive CAR-T therapy, barriers to treatment, unmet needs and much more.

Dr. AKHIL is a CAR-T cell referrer in the USA. With the US being among the first to offer CAR-T cell treatment, we get insight into a market with the longest history in this field.

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Teaser DoctoLIVE EP2 GER

Our AplusA syndicated surveys' expert Siegfried ERTL and Dr. GERL, a German hematological oncoligist,  were discussing how patients are considered for referral and treatment with CAR-T therapyas well as barriers to treatment and unmet patient needs.

Dr. GERL is a hematological oncologist with office in central Munich. He treats over 800 patients in many hematological and oncological conditions. He also holds a teaching position at the LMU in Munich. Dr. GERL has access to CAR-T treatments and regularly refers patient to a CAR-T center.

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Teaser DoctoLIVE EP3 FR

Our AplusA France Business Unit Manager Geoffroy CORNETTE and Dr. BOURHIS were talking about the practicalities of the CAR-T logistics from the center's perspective, timing etc.

Dr. BOURHIS is a French hemato-oncoligist practicing at Gustave Roussy, France.

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Teaser DoctoLIVE EP4 FR

Our International Business Unit Director Charles interviewed Dr. BRAUN about the perspective of being outside a CAR-T cell therapy center, despite dealing with a lot of CAR-T eligible patients and working in a transplant center.

Dr. BRAUN is a French hemato-oncologist practicing at Avicenne Hospital based in Bobigny, France.

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Copie de Teaser DoctoLIVE EP4 FR

Dr. GILLSON, a physician working in a CAR-T center based in the UK, was discussing with our APLUSA expert about the doctor's practice from the perspective of being inside a CAR-T cell therapy center. They discussed referring process, timing, patient eligibility, and more.

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SERIES 2: Challenges in implementing new therapeutics in advanced urothelial carcinoma management

In this first episode of Bladder Cancer DoctoLIVE series, we were questioning what the daily challenges are in implementing new therapeutics in advanced urothelial carcinoma with the participation of an American doctor.

Episode 1: Bladder Cancer USA Live Session took place on Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 5PM CET | 8AM PDT | 11AM EDT | 4PM BST.

Copie de Teaser DoctoLIVE BLADDER CANCER EP1 USA (1)

Our guest is Dr. Arnab Basu, an academic genitourinary oncologist from UAB hospital, experienced in the use of immunotherapy and targeted therapies, with research interests in improving immunotherapies in Bladder Cancer.

Interviewed by Dr Karen HIGGINBOTTOM from our AplusA offices in the USA.

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SERIES 3: Challenges in implementing new therapeutics in mRCC management

In this mRCC DoctoLIVE series, we will be questioning what are challenges in implementing new therapeutics in metastatic renal cell carcinoma in 2022.

Fill in the form below if you are interested in attending our next DoctoLIVEs - Episode 1: FRANCE Live Session and Episode 2: US Live Session, and we will send you event's details. You can submit your own questions, we will incorporate them into the live discussions.

Episode 1


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022 at 3PM CET / 9AM EST / 6AM PST / 2PM GMT

Doctolive teaser MRCC France-2

Our guest is Dr. Jean CHIDIAC, a French medical oncologist, in charge of the Oncology Unit at Louis Mourier Hospital in Colombes, France. He is co-president of the 3C. His fields of expertise are breast, kidney, urological, gynecological, ovarian, digestive and thoracic cancers. He is also author of several articles.

Interviewed by Geoffroy CORNETTE from our AplusA offices in Paris.

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Episode 2


Monday 11th of April 2022 at 5PM CEST / 11AM ET / 8AM PT / 4PM BST

DoctoLIVE MRCC US - Watch the replay

Our guest is Dr. Arnab BASU, an academic genitourinary oncologist from UAB hospital, experienced in the use of immunotherapy and targeted therapies, with research interests in improving immunotherapies in Bladder Cancer.

Interviewed by Karen HIGGINBOTTOM from AplusA offices in the USA.

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