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Did you know that...?

Did you know?
  • 30% of Moderate to Severe AD patients use topical treatments only (source APLUSA ADsyndiTrack™ France Q4 2021)
  • Covid-19 played a role in the changing treatment paradigm of Moderate to Severe AD in favour of targeted therapies
  • Targeted therapies prescriptions continue to be on the rise; dynamics of targeted therapy market is accelerating with the launch of new therapies and emerging switches
  • 8 in 10 moderate to severe AD patients are highly satisfied with targeted therapies

Do you want to know more about...?

  • The detailed landscape of moderate to severe AD management, incl. pediatric and adult populations
  • Up-to-date treatment algorithm including the new therapies
  • The detailed usage of therapies, incl. immunosuppressants & targeted therapies
  • The brand shares and detailed patient profiles by brand
  • The awareness of new targeted therapies ; intention to prescribe and source of business (initiations and switches)
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Our ADsyndiTrackTM syndicated study already features data from thousands of anonymized patient charts collected from hundreds of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis prescribers across Europe and can be extended to many more countries.

Benefits of Syndicated Study:

  • Real-world Patient Record Forms (PRF) filled up by physicians

  • 2 waves of the study per year

  • Online interviews with physicians: cost-effective and fast turnaround

  • Syndicated data-research helps to avoid over-researching respondents

  • Regional spread of physicians across countries

  • Robust sample sizes per country

To get more information about our ADsyndiTrackTM study, fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.