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AplusALIVE™ webinars present exclusive insights from recent research conducted at AplusA, enriched with live discussions with experts, to help you understand the impact of current challenges on the healthcare market of today and tomorrow.

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What is the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on HCPs digital behaviors?

What is the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on HCPs digital behaviors?


A new digital look at our study "COVID-19 Impact on Post-Lockdown Medical Practice." This AplusA syndicated study  was conducted in December 2020 among 100 general practitioners, 185 office-based specialists, and 280 hospital specialists .

In parallel, AplusA has been developing a new syndicated offering called "HCPs meet the Digital switch". With the aim to provide an understanding of how physicians can be segmented with regards to their digital practices, and what this would mean in terms of services and solutions to offer them. Do not hesitate to contact us to plan a time for discussion around your own questions, in order to verify that they are well integrated into the design of the study.

You can download the PDF of the webinar that was presented and access the replay link on the first page of this document.

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In 2021, how can the French population still play their part in managing their own health and well-being?


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To answer this question, here are the topics that were discussed during this webinar:

Since March 2020, 60 million French people have discovered that they are epidemiologists, infectious diseases specialists, emergency physicians...

During this time, doctors have occupied the media stage, publically exposing their contradictions.

What will remain of this historic moment in the health practices of the French population? Will the relationship between patients and doctors be weakened or strengthened?

In the post-COVID society, will the French population still be actors of their own health?

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DoctoLIVE by AplusA

DoctoLIVE by AplusA

A new opportunity to get answers to your questions directly from actual practioners, all organized by AplusA.

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